Custom Group and SuzoHapp present innovative printing solutions

07 September 2021 - 17:39

Written by Editorial Board
Custom Group and SuzoHapp present innovative printing solutions

Custom Group – a global company specialized in automated technology solutions for the point of sale and public service sectors, and SuzoHapp – a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of gaming, amusement, and sports betting products – have partnered for the distribution of professional printing solutions for the gaming and retail betting industries in Europe.

The Custom and SuzoHapp partnership aims to combine Custom's innovative, high-value printer product line and the SuzoHapp's extensive expertise of the gaming industry. “For us at SuzoHapp, we aim to be the single source for all hardware needs of both betting operators and kiosk manufacturers”, says Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales for Europe at SuzoHapp. “The Custom line is a strategic addition to our portfolio and allows us to provide our customers pioneering, top-of-the-line printing solutions.” “In recent months, there has been a considerable shift towards the digital betting, with the rise of self-service terminal solutions in the post Covid-19 world”, says Alessandro Mastropasqua, Head of Corporate Marketing & Press Communication of Custom. “Our product portfolio includes a vast array of printing solutions, both standalone printers and integrated devices that can be installed into these self-service kiosks allowing us to satisfy the needs of the betting shops and retail outlets that may want to accept bets at either the counter or at kiosks.” “For self-service terminals, we recommend the ultra-compact Modus 3, the smallest footprint kiosk printer on the market”, says Laura Testa, Business Development Expert at Custom. “For traditional, over-the-counter experiences, the ideal choice is the Kube II Lottery scanner, a speedy and robust compact printer equipped with a printing head able to overpass 200 km of printed paper. It also scans and cancels both betting slips and coupons to provide the ultimate all-in-one countertop betting solution. It is one of the best value printers on the market in terms of total cost of ownership.” “It is increasingly clear that retail betting solutions need to be integrated with online platforms and operators have to offer players a comprehensive betting experience across both land-based and digital outlets”, continued Tim Kennedy. “We believe that sports betting is definitely where the future growth of the industry lies, and we will be there to see it grow.”  

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