About us gaming is in the news abroad too is the English version of the online newspaper the main source of information dedicated to the Italian gaming industry.

The GiocoNews Network is an information portal dedicated to gaming world that is born from the will of a group of journalists, experts of the field, with the aim of providing an accurate information on all legal gaming products. A truly innovative, multi-channel platform, thanks to which content (texts, images, audio, videos) are conveyed through the web. With an innovative model of editorial staff, able to interact with readers through the community mean and social networks: real strong point of this portal.

In this way, we can assure information, updating, discussion and, above all, deepening on gaming field and on the universes linked to it. Information flows through a multimedia platform integrated with main social networks. users, for example, can directly use their facebook account to register themselves on gioconews and share information and content with their contacts (even through wikio, myspace, googlize, yahoo, ecc).

Gioconews philosophy is to never be satisfied, and to always search most advanced ways to inform. for this reason, you can access to the space dedicated to poker ( and to the one for casinos ( and to the last born in the network: (, the first online Italian newspaper entirely dedicated to players, from the main portal (

  • Managing editor: Alessio Crisantemi
  • Deputy director: Anna Maria Rengo
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