IGb L!VE will deliver a sharp focus on LatAm business strategies

06 July 2023 - 16:53

The latest show figures confirm that registrations are up by an unprecedented 55% compared to the same stage last year.

Written by Redazione
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Two high profile panels featuring senior LatAm experts including Birger De Geyter, Co-CEO, Unlocked, Javier Troncoso, Chief Commercial Officer,, Samantha Asensi, Latin America Consultant – Crunchequation and Liliana Almeida, Marketing Manager, Clever Advertising will be providing their business and cultural insight to organisations seeking to develop and build their business operations in the region.

With LatAm ranking as the second most popular region of interest to iGB L!VE visitors content sessions have been curated to meet the demand for knowledge and insight delivered by professionals who are active on the ground. 

On Wednesday July 12th iGB L!VE visitors are invited to participate in a deep-dive exploring the development of Esports. Entitled ‘Inside Esport Brazil: Data Analysis of the Region’s Fast-Growing Esports Industry’ visitors will learn from experts about how to create partnerships with teams, players and sports influencers. 

An iGB L!VE panel of players, teams and iGaming companies will provide best practice on how to forge successful relationships for market entry and future revenue growth strategies. The session will also examine how to leverage sports partnerships for business growth courtesy of cross-selling and upselling. Moderated by’s Javier Troncoso , the stream also features Fellipe Fraga, Chief Business Officer at EstrelaBet and Gonzalo Perez, CEO, Apuesa Total.

The pronounced LatAm influence continues on 13 July with a session targeted at Affiliates entitled: ‘El Dorado or reality check? Get your Latam strategy right.’ 

Moderated by Latin America Consultant Samantha Asensi and including speakers Pedro Lucas, Witoldo Junior and Gabriel Temponi the session will underline the imperative of deploying a localised strategy for entry and optimisation in the region and highlighting what every affiliate needs to get right and what to avoid in order to be successful in every territory they target.

Sadie Walters, Clarion Gaming’s Head of Production who has curated the Conference Programme said: “The thousands of international industry professionals who choose to attend iGB L!VE do so for a variety of reasons one of which is to participate in and learn from the conference programme. 

“In order to be authentic and relevant we are providing access to those individuals who have first-hand lived experience of their subject matter and the two sessions dedicated to LatAm feature experts who are from the region, who operate in the region and who also possess human or cultural knowledge gained of the region. I am delighted that iGB L!VE visitors will be able to draw on such a rich source of knowledge and expertise.”

The latest show figures confirm that registrations are up by an unprecedented 55% compared to the same stage last year. The show, which posted the sold out signs over a month ago comprising nearly 15,000 sqm (gross), is firmly on course to be the biggest and most international edition of iGB L!VE ever with delegates travelling to Amsterdam from a projected 110+ countries.

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