Dmg events to raise the curtain on a thriving entertainment & attractions industry at 6th edition of SEA Expo

20 February 2024 - 16:47

Exploring global investment strategies in entertainment, empowering the Saudi workforce through technical knowledge, and examining crypto tech in the entertainment industry, among top trends to headline this year’s SEA Expo, as revealed by the SEA Expo’s 2024 advisory board.

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Dmg events, the leading international organizer of business events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are gearing up to raise the curtain on its 6th edition of the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement (SEA) Expo from 7th – 9th May 2024. Taking place at the Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Centre, the event promises to be a showcase of innovation, bringing together global experts and industry leaders, and to unveil transformative industry trends that will set the stage for the year ahead.

At a recent advisory board meeting in Riyadh, industry experts identified key trends for 2024, that will be used to shape the agenda of the SEA Expo. These include exploring global investment strategies, understanding the next-generation market, empowering the Saudi workforce, embracing green entertainment, and examining crypto tech.

Financial insights revealed a need for a stronger focus on driving international business into Saudi Arabia and capitalizing on lucrative industry opportunities. Retaining and developing next-generation talent emerged as a priority, recognizing the sector's potential to contribute over USD 23 billion, constituting 3% of the Kingdom's GDP by 2030 and creating over 100,000 jobs.

“What’s happening in Saudi Arabia has never been done before in the attractions industry. There are groundbreaking attractions and rides that have never been built before, and there are new concepts and ideas that will come out of Saudi Arabia, including discussions at this year’s Expo which will end up in other parts of the world, so what’s happening here has a much larger impact that extends beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia,” said advisory board member, Doug Stagner, Executive Director, Attractions, at Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN). 

Speaking on the sidelines of the advisory board, Nizar Fakhoury, Executive Director, Destination Development, at the Royal Commission for AlUla said that there is a lot of opportunity in the Kingdom, with the government Sparing no effort in bringing the best talent from across the world in order to ensure that the vision of the Kingdom is being carried out.

The 2024 SEA Expo advisory board comprises prominent leaders in the entertainment industry including, Alwalid Albaltan, CEO, Rafeeh Entertainment Group; Don Potts, President, Parks & Attractions, Qiddiya Investment Company; Doug Stagner, Executive Director, Attractions, Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN); Hind Galadari, Deputy General Manager. Warner Bros. World, Abu Dhabi; and Majed Al Ghanim, Managing Director, Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia.

Co-located with the Saudi Light and Sound (SLS) Expo, this year’s SEA Expo aims to highlight the Kingdom’s entertainment and leisure plans and create opportunities in the industry to drive the country toward achieving its goals under Vision 2030. With hundreds of international and local brands from 40+ countries, SEA Expo will act as a platform that showcases new and innovative products from its 350 exhibitors. 

While the SEA Summit will bring together the country’s leading private and public sector experts to spotlight the current climate, take on the industry’s challenges, and analyze future trends and predictions. 

Join us at the SEA Expo 2024, where Saudi Arabia's entertainment sector takes centre stage, defining the future of global attractions and leisure experiences.

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