EEGS Webinar Successfully Unlocks Innovative Player Retention Strategies

04 April 2024 - 16:53

The iGaming industry is fiercely competitive, and retaining players is crucial for long-term success.

Written by Redazione

The recent EEGS Webinar, Attention: Retention! Unlocking Player Loyalty in iGaming! tackled this critical issue in the ever-evolving world of online gaming. The session featured industry leaders Dobri Keresteliev, Neil Tabone, and Alexis Wicen, who shared valuable insights and innovative strategies for maximizing player retention. The discussion was moderated by Rossi McKee, Co-Founder of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria and Honorary Chair of AGIB. 

A key takeaway from the webinar was the emphasis on understanding player demographics. Dobri Keresteliev, Head of CRM at Rise the Bet stressed the importance of analysing data and tailoring marketing approaches to specific demographics within the vast European market. “Today I want to discuss two key strategies for player retention. First, fostering a strong user community – you need to create social engagement to drive retention. Second, remember the importance of localization. Global strategies need to consider regional and cultural differences. Don't just copy tactics from one market to another. Understand your audience and tailor your communication and content to their specific expectations and cultural context.”

Neil Tabone, Head of Commercial at Benko Digital Limited focused on the power of community in fostering loyalty. He highlighted the growing trend of players engaging with each other, such as through gaming streamers, and the importance of fostering a sense of belonging. Tabone emphasized cultural localization, urging companies to understand their specific audience and create a sense of community that resonates with them. “We need to go deeper and take a look at how players interact with the product and what is the difference between players' expectations in different markets.”

Alexis Wicen, the CEO of Unibo with his 12 years of experience in computer science, brought a unique perspective to the discussion. He pointed out the lack of innovation in the iGaming industry and highlighted emerging trends that focus on improving player experience through software functionalities. “Let's delve into some emerging trends that are shaping the future of player retention in gaming. Functionality plays a critical role in this landscape, and by understanding these trends, we can create experiences that keep players engaged for the long term.”
The EEGS webinar provided attendees with actionable knowledge applicable across the iGaming industry. By understanding player demographics, building a strong community, and implementing innovative features, companies can significantly improve player retention and achieve long-term success in this competitive market.

All attendees of the EEGS webinar obtain a Certificate of Attendance, recognizing their commitment to advancing knowledge in the iGaming field!
You can watch the whole webinar from the link here

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