Feexpo 2024, esports protagonists in Bergamo

04 December 2023 - 12:08

The Family entertainment expo 2024, scheduled at the Fiera di Bergamo in February, 27-29, will give large space to esports with panels and debates, networking and business development opportunities with companies and experts in the sec

Written by Redazione

“We are thrilled to host esports at Feexpo 2024. This trade fair, an utmost reference point in the gaming sector without cash prizes, is completed with a fundamental piece”.
Thus Tiziano Tredese, president of the Consorzio Fee, announces the official entry of electronic sports into the panorama of games without winnings in cash, protagonists of the 2024 edition of Feexpo, the main B2B fair dedicated to entertainment operators, scheduled at the Fiera di Bergamo, in February, 27-29.

“With the partnership with the Osservatorio Italiano Esports, in fact, we represent pure amusement even more and better, an extended and multifaceted reality which, in addition to the strategic economic value it has for the Italian system, also has an important social value. In fact, it is a source of healthy fun and precious sociability for children, teenagers and families, often even becoming an antidote to bad habits and behaviours, thanks to the potential for a healthy outlet and clean game that it represents for young people", Tredese underlines.

A "recognition" of the ever-increasing popularity of esports, which today sees over two million fans in the 18-35 age group and half a billion worldwide, and to establish the growing importance of this sector in the Italian entertainment ecosystem.

Therefore, panels and debates with companies and experts in the sector will be at Feeexpo. Moments of discussion will be proposed on the main innovation trends in gaming, such as collaborations with content creators and influencers, the use of virtual sports, up to web3 and the metaverse, and companies operating in the market will also be involved, to create opportunities for networking and business development with the exhibitors of the Fair, bearers of a natural interest in the dynamics and business of gaming.

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