Feexpo 2024: Tredese (Fee), 'Another successful edition, but the success is the Adm presence'

29 February 2024 - 18:12

Tiziano Tredese, president of the Consorzio Fee, glorifies the success of the second edition of the Bergamo fair, underlining the importance of the regulator's participation.

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Bergamo - “This year too, the satisfaction is immense when today we see ending a fair that has once again proved successful. But in addition to the fact of having received many people and hearing from the exhibitors that got great deals, from my point of view the most important aspect of all is that of having received a delegation from the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, which in this particular historical moment becomes even more precious." With these words, the president of the Consorzio Fee, Tiziano Tredese, underlines the success of the fair Feexpo 2024 also from an institutional point of view.

“We are in a particularly delicate market phase, as we strongly mentioned during these three days of the fair, due to a regulatory situation that caused serious problems to our companies and risks compromising them even more in the future. For this reason, the central issue for entrepreneurs working in this sector is the regulatory one and the fact of having had a high-level delegation directly at the fair was a great opportunity to explain in detail the functioning of the machines and try to solve the unreasonable situation that a machine that has a simple wheel should be rejected because it is similar to a game of chance".

According to Tredese, who has repeatedly insisted on this regulatory anomaly, the law on homologations should be overcome or at least simplified: but even if one wishes to maintain it, the interpretation must be clear and appropriate to reality: "The issue we are insisting on today is the distinction that must be made for the wheels appearing in our games: when the wheel is a central element of the game, what needs to be verified is whether that game is to be considered a skill game. If this is the case, as in all modern children's games, then we can and must overcome the concept of 'roller': if, instead, we are dealing with a spinning wheel on which objects are positioned and, therefore, we are facing a simple conveyor belt that does not intervene in the game itself, then the problem does not even arise. And in both cases, the game can and must be approved. As happens all over the world. If we can help understand this simple concept, then the market can largely be considered safe. Otherwise, the entire supply chain will have serious problems".

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