Feexpo, the 2024 edition ends: metaverse and gamification protagonists

04 March 2024 - 13:22

The three days at Fiera Bergamo, after the increase in the number of companies, also recorded a good response from operators (3 thousand), with a significant increase in international ones.

Written by Redazione

“The fair went very well, we are very satisfied, both for what we saw from the exhibitors and for the events and conferences."

Full satisfaction in the words of Tiziano Tredese, president of the Consorzio Fee, at the end of the second edition of Feexpo, the three days dedicated to amusement.
After the good debut in 2023, the second edition of Feexpo improve the event organized by Promoberg and Consorzio Fee (consisting of a group of leading companies in the production and installation of games and playgrounds) as a point of reference for the supply chain of professional gaming operators without cash winnings.

During the three days of the event, the exhibition center in Via Lunga recorded the entrances of three thousand operators, coming from all over Italy and, in growing numbers, from abroad. Very positive comments from the organizers, who have already announced the dates of the third edition: appointment at the Fiera di Bergamo from Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th, February 2025.
Great interest and many business to business negotiations among the stands set up on 6,500 square meters by 63 exhibitors (including six foreigners), representing 14 Italian regions and four foreign states (San Marino, Albania, Belgium and Poland).

The best products from the Italian and international panorama of entertainment machines without cash prizes have been on display (but all to be tested). All with an eye also to the evolution of the sector from a technological, regulatory and institutional point of view. Feexpo proposed a busy schedule of conferences, panels and meetings: operators, associations and professionals have created a discussion on the present and future of the gaming sector without cash prizes.

This fair will also be remembered for the visit of the Adm delegates", Tredese dds, "whose presence was a sort of institutional certification. Having been able to show the absolute transparency and professionalism of the amusement sector to the delegates of the State Monopolies is one of the happiest news of this second edition of the fair. From Bergamo we want to make it clear that the May 2021 decree must absolutely be rewritten thinking of the world around us, of global producers who cannot specialize games just for Italy. Ours is a safe, family-friendly fun."


"We are proud to have contributed to give the right visibility to an important supply chain for our country", the comment of Davide Lenarduzzi, Ceo of Promoberg, "one of the excellences of Made in Italy in the world. This year, after double-digit increase in the number of exhibitors, there was also an excellent response from operators, of high quality standing and with a significant growth in international origins. I underline with great pleasure the significant participation of the delegates of the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli. The choice to set up the event on midweek days (therefore excluding the weekend) was right, resulting in an increasingly business-to-business event that encouraged very profitable discussions. Following the good performance recorded, we have already given with great pleasure an appointment for next year (In February,from Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th): it will be a third edition with important news both in the exhibition area and in the program of collateral events".


For his part, Alessandro Lama, president of Federamusement Confesercenti, comments by defining the fair with a meaningful adjective: “Amazing. Last year", he adds, "it was undoubtedly a gamble and we won, this year we did even better with over 60 exhibitors and we are already thinking of expanding in 2025, with another 6,000 square meter pavilion. We have traced a path that must see us successful, we are the only Italian fair dedicated to amusement and we aim to establish ourselves at a European level as well. This is the amusement fair, for families and children, and next year it will also be open to the public."

WHAT'S NEW AT FEEXPO 2024 - The 2024 edition of Feexpo has decided to fully embrace new technologies. Thus, Family Entertainment Expo entered the metaverse thanks to a partnership with The Nemesis: The Nemesis is the open-world metaverse, accessible from desktop and mobile that is climbing the planetary top of gamification. During the three days in Bergamo, it was therefore possible to admire this extraordinary and revolutionary technology.
Furthermore, ample space was given to esports and competitive video games, thanks to the participation of the Osservatorio Italiano Esports. Oies is committed to spread the opportunities of esports and gaming to operators present at Feexpo through the organization of panels and debates with companies and experts in the sector. Moments of discussion were proposed on the main innovation trends in gaming, such as cooperations with content creators and influencers, the use of virtual sports, up to web3 and the metaverse.

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