Online Casino Summit 2024: Equip your business with the roadmap to success

17 April 2024 - 14:50

Forge High - Level Partnerships at Italy's Premier iGaming Summit, Equip Your Business With The Roadmap To Success.

Written by Redazione
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Italy's recent licensing overhaul throws a curveball. Do you have a clear roadmap to navigate these changes and secure your competitive edge?

Critical Topics Tailored to Industry Leaders
The 2nd Annual Online Casino Summit Italia (OCSI 2024) goes beyond surface, level discussions, delving deep into the most strategically relevant topics:

The New Licensing Regime: Strategies for Success: Expert analysis breaks down the cost implications and compliance requirements, empowering you to optimise your operations for long - term success.

A Collaborative Approach to Security:
Law enforcement expert, Capt. Giacomo Spinelli, Head of Economic and Financial Crimes Unit at Interpol shares his insights on creating a safer iGaming ecosystem. Discover how collaboration not only benefits operators and players, but the entire industry.

Responsible Gaming as a Competitive Differentiator:
Explore cutting - edge approaches that balance impactful marketing with ethical player protection. Learn how responsible gaming initiatives can strengthen your brand and attract a loyal customer base.

Global Strategies, Local Success:
Gain invaluable insights on adapting your overarching European strategies to the unique demands and opportunities specific to the Italian market.

Speaker Insights: Unpacking the Significance
“Italy’s gaming regulatory reform will change the way operators and Point of Sales will be able to deliver services to final customers. It is crucial to re-think how to engage them and to use the new rules and technology to create new opportunities. It will be exciting to discuss these aspects with all stakeholders, including regulators’ representatives, with the objective to work together to a sustainable future of gaming in Italy.” - Daniele Tagliarini, Managing Partner at Dtc Advisory on the importance of the panel discussion he will be participating in at Ocsi 2024, titled:
“Navigating Gaming Commerce: PVRs (Punti Vendita Ricarica), cash, technology and regulation.”

“Ever more regulated gaming markets across the world means more rules to be complied with, more watchdog agencies often simultaneously involved in multiple monitoring, auditing and disciplinary processes, and more human and technological resources to be allocated by the operators to ensure full and timely compliance. This is a challenge whose success depends on how all the gaming industry stakeholders will manage to effectively interact in a sound, healthy and cooperative way in order to reshape the gaming ecosystem with a brand new approach.
Ongoing engagement, open communication and fair confrontation between all the industry players are the keys.” - Quirino Mancini, President,
International Masters of Gaming Law on the importance of the opening address that he will be presenting at Ocsi 2024, titled:
“The Power of Collaboration: Redefining Relationships in the Gaming Ecosystem with a 2.0 Mindset.”

Secure Your Competitive Edge at Ocsi 2024 The Online Casino Summit Italia offers the insights and strategies you need to thrive in this dynamic market. Gain access to a network of invaluable connections and meet with potential partners in Italy from 7-8 May at the Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

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