Gat Expo at Ice London 2023: 'Bringing the global gaming industry closer to Latin America'

03 February 2023 - 09:45

Ceo José Aníbal Aguirre confirms the objectives inherent in the participation of Gaming & Technology Expo staff at Ice London: 'Between Europe and Latin America there is a sea of business opportunities'.

Written by Redazione

Before traveling to London on the occasion of Ice on February 7, 8 and 9, José Aníbal Aguirre – Ceo of Gaming & Technology Expo - confirms the objectives he intends to achieve with the participation of his staff in the promotion of Gat 2023 events: "We know that the majority of exhibitors who will arrive at our fair in Cartagena de Indias, ending the month of March to exhibit the latest advances of their brands and seal productive alliances, will be our promoters at Ice, publicizing the Gat events that will take place this year and their participation in them. I would like to highlight the quality and importance of the list of sponsors, suppliers and manufacturers of land based equipment and online gaming platforms that accompany us and are preparing to make the most of this Gaming eeek in Cartagena. Between Europe and Latin America there is a sea of business opportunities".

Gat Expo Cartagena kicks off on March 27 with a networking activity. Tuesday 28 will be the inaugural academic day of the fair in the morning and afternoon with lectures and panels of first level. The doors of the exhibition stands in the Santa Maria Hall of the Cartagena Las Americas Convention Center will open to the visiting public on March 29 and 30.

Regarding the current availability of stands to participate as exhibitors, Alexandra Hernández, Marketing Director, states: "We still have some areas available in various sizes, despite the high demand for stands, especially considering that the colombian national Government approved the venue and Gat, a transitory free trade zone that makes it possible to import machinery and equipment for exhibition during the event; one more reason to invite those who have not yet made the decision to exhibit in Cartagena, to step forward and reserve their space now.

Online registration is also open on the website for visiting executives".

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