In Barcelona looking at Italy with and Sbc roundtables

20 September 2023 - 11:31

One of the great novelties of this edition of Sbc Summit Barcelona is that of roundtables aimed at addressing critical topics in the sector and global markets. With a specific focus on the Italian market and one on horse racing bets, created by

Written by Redazione

This year, Sbc Summit Barcelona is not just the record edition, which is also characterized by a good dose of innovation. And, in some way, of experimentation. In order to improve the level of information and in-depth analysis on the global gaming sector, the Sbc team included, starting from this year, the format of roundtables, which will represent the climax of each day. In all, there are thirty sessions of this type in the global agenda of the event, each of them is supervised by a moderator and dedicated to critical issues of the sector and global markets. This configuration fosters active engagement, focused discussions that harmonize with specific business requirements, and provides the opportunity to resolve issues interactively.

As Rasmus Sojmark, Ceo and founder of Sbc, explains: “Over the years, we have observed a significant increase in the enthusiasm of delegates for our roundtables. These meetings provide a wonderful opportunity for attendees to extend their learning experience beyond the established conference agenda, concentrating on the fundamental discussions that drive the industry. As a result, we've introduced a new approach this year, ensuring each day comes to an end with a more customised and focused dialogue. This format facilitates direct engagement with experts, allowing attendees to respond with confidence to their most pressing inquiries.”

And Italy, in this new format, will once again be the protagonist. Thanks to the cooperation between Sbc and Gioco News, which led to the creation of a round table fully dedicated to our market, which will end the second day of work, i.e. Thursday, September, the 21st, from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. With the participation of Marco Tiso, Sisal's online managing director; Simone Occhiuzzi, Lottomatica Group's digital director; Stefano Sbordoni, lawyer and founder of Sbordoni & Partners; and the moderator Christian Tirabassi, Ficome Leisure's senior partner. This appointment will make it possible to fully explore what is happening in Italy, both from the point of view of business transformation and market evolution, but also from the legal and regulatory point of view, in a period of launch of a general reform of the sector and in view of the forthcoming calls for tenders for the renewal of concessions. All this, again, under the total ban on advertising, which continues to create imbalances and changes also from the point of view of the competition.

But Italy will also be among the protagonists of another round table, the previous day – Wednesday, the 20th - through another appointment coordinated by Gioco News and dedicated, in this case, to horse racing bets, entitled: "Winning the race: exploring the role of Tv signals and betting in the global horse racing sector”. Among the participants, we also find the Italian Michele Rosi, Coo of Mst Media System Technologies, together with Hubert Bergmann, expert in the horse racing sector, representative of Phumelela; Paul Witten, commercial director of Sis, and Inés Hendili, international development manager of Pmu France and Ylva Svetsson, international sales manager of Ab Trav och Galopp,. In addition to moderation, entrusted to Mauro De Fabritiis, founder and partner of Mdf Partners.
The horse racing industry, on the other hand, is a complex ecosystem involving many different actors, including racetracks, breeders, jockeys, gaming operators, technology platforms, the state, horse lovers and bettors, a sector where new technologies and innovations are helping to enhance the industry's popularity, entertainment value and connection to nature and this appointment will explore the role of television and betting for this sector, assessing how they are contributing to its development and its growth. And Italy, here too, has a lot to say: with the Barcelona audience who will therefore have a lot to listen to. 

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