Oies Youmark Gaming talks about Feexpo, the amusement fair

08 February 2024 - 12:54

Among the main Italian online newspapers active in marketing, communication and creativity, Youmark with its Oies Youmark gaming channel, which is managed in cooperation with the Osservatorio Italiano Esports, will support the new Feexpo edition, scheduled in, February, 27th-29th.

Written by Redazione

Thanks to the newborn vertical, in fact, you will be able to read all the news about these extraordinary 'three days' organized by entertainment operators in the multi-purpose hall Promoberg Exhibition Center in Bergamo, assuring accurate updates on all the news, through the voice of the protagonists of this sector: organizers, exhibitors, speakers and visitors.

The Family Entertainment Expo, of which Oies is a partner, is confirmed as a point of reference for all those who dedicate their activity, in any form, to well-being of people.
No one has any doubts anymore that fun is pedagogically recognised as a fundamental growth factor. But not only that, it would be belittling to relegate it to mere childhood, because the game, adapted to specific ages, creates a condition of involvement and well-being, such as to be a motivational factor that improves the relationship with yourself and others, on a daily basis.

If when we talk about recreational activities we instinctively switch to “waste of time activities”, perhaps it's time to dedicate more time to playful activities. And, above all, to keep up to date on the matter, by subscribing to the newsletter of the Oies Youmark gaming channel.
A sort of daily overview of this impalpable world of fantasy that very concretely produces, in Italy alone, around €38 billion and which will be represented at Feexpo by the most important operators in the sector at national and international level.

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