Sigma Europe: focus on infrastructure and skills

13 November 2023 - 11:32

Sigma Europe will showcase all the latest technological innovations and services available to the iGaming sector in November, 13 - 17.

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The new edition of SiGma Europe, the reference event for the iGaming sector, starts today, November 13th.

This year's edition of Sigma Europe, which starts today and will end on 17 November at Mmh Malta Ltd in Xatt Il-Mollijiet, Il-Marsa, Malta, sees a strong participation of Italian operators, with Italy in the spotlight right from the start, with a workshop (conducted in Italian) which will deepen knowledge of the Italian market from a regulatory and commercial point of view, carried out in collaboration with Gioco News. The event, scheduled from 3pm to 6pm, is hosted by the Laparelli room of the Grand Hotel Excelsior (in Valletta).

Over the last 20 years, Malta's gaming industry has grown until reaching new goals and success. It currently contributes to over 8 percent of the country's Gdp, creating over 10,000 jobs (around 4 percent of the total), with professionals employed in all different roles in the sector. The island was one of the first European states to regulate the gambling sector and has become internationally famous for its opportunities in this sector. Benefiting from a government that has fostered a favorable business environment and supported by the strong reputation of its regulator, as well as business-friendly policies and supporting infrastructure, Malta stood out as the ideal location to host a public gaming event.

Almost as a result, an event like Sigma has become the event that all iGaming companies can't wait to attend to exhibit their products. So, inspiration and excitement are ensured, as you explore the latest trends by visiting the stands there. This year's edition of Sigma Europe will be held from today, 13, to 17 November at Mmh Malta Ltd in Xatt Il-Mollijiet, Il-Marsa, Malta. To get some more detailed information we spoke with the Cep of Sigma Group, Emily Micallef, starting from what are some of the most notable numbers of the Maltese event.

Eight hundred sponsors and exhibitors, 25.000 delegates, 250 speakers, are just some of the numbers of this edition of the European Summit in Malta. But also a new, larger venue and many events linked to the fair. Does Sigma Europe want to demonstrate in any way that it is "the mother of all conferences"?

“The year 2023 saw a period of significant growth for the Sigma Group, characterized by the successful creation of exciting new partnerships and strategic acquisitions. This expansion is even more clear with our choice of venue for Sigma Europe this year. Malta Week continues to represent a flagship event in the iGaming events calendar, firmly establishing the island as an undisputed stronghold in central Europe for this sector. The island's infrastructure, regulatory environment and skilled workforce have made it a very favorable destination for gaming companies. There is also new interest in Malta from new markets outside of Europe. Sigma's Malta Week show aims to a greater presence of Asian and American customers, bringing a strong flow of business to Europe and facilitating incredible new opportunities for entreprises to flourish internationally. We are thrilled to organize our event in Malta at our largest venue to date: almost three times larger than our previous venue, Mmh offers 32,000 square meters of space to explore. Expect lots of new features, including a brand new dining area, made from recycled containers, outdoor exhibition areas and water taxis to help delegates avoid the morning traffic. This is an event different from any other. We are creating down to the last detail a fantastic experience for attendees, that will surely blow their minds.”

There are over 35 networking dinners, daily networking drinks and 8 parties. How important are these social occasions for creating connections in the sector and making the business flourish?
Our reputation has grown due to our ability to host exceptional networking events. Finding the right balance between work and free time is essential. Our side events are designed to foster an atmosphere where attendees can connect in a more relaxed environment. The wide range of activities, ranging from poker and golf tournaments, charity runs, prestigious awards ceremonies, football competitions, exciting Mma (Mixed Martial Arts) fight evenings and other competitions, ensures that there is something to satisfy everyone's interests."

There will be ten mega yachts transformed into stands moored at the Expo venue. What can we find inside them?
“The sky is our only limit! The unconventional use of space gives our exhibitors the opportunity to be truly creative in how they display their products, meet customers and showcase their brand. From stands to meeting rooms, this is an opportunity for high-end companies to offer an exclusive experience to visitors.”

There are also two cultural networking tours planned, can you explain them in detail? What role do culture and art play in a context like that of Sigma Malta?
La Valletta is one of Malta's most beautiful locations, rich in history and culture, and we can't wait to showcase this city to delegates coming from abroad. It is also the setting for many of our networking events during Malta Week: we are always proud to be ambassadors of its charm.”

Let's also talk to the team that made all this possible. How many people work to set up an event like the one in La Valletta?
“Sigma's team is contantly growing, with permanent offices operating in Manila, Cyprus, Brazil, Malta and Belgrade. As Sigma Group rapidly expands, the need to tap into an international talent pool has constantly grown. Our events also offer a broad spectrum of opportunities for the local workforce. From hotels to stand builders, taxi drivers to printing presses, the impact on the cities we operate in can be huge.”

Which sector of the entertainment industry has developed the most in recent years? Have you identified any interesting trends in the iGaming and entertainment sector, that could emerge in the near future?
“I think the entertainment and iGaming industries are all rapidly evolving. Potential areas of focus in the near future could include advances in virtual reality for immersive gaming and experiences, the ongoing growth of esports and competitive games, greater adoption of blockchain technology in iGaming, and innovations in content distribution and monetization. Furthermore, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning for personalized content recommendations and the development of 5G technology could have a significant impact on both sectors.”

As mentioned before, there will also be many side events related to sport. Are they just opportunities for fun for those who visit the fair or do they have a different meaning, perhaps underlining the connection with the world of sport?
“Sport adds a different dimension to our networking activities. Our aim is to provide something for everyone: while this is no ordinary networking activity for our visitors, there is nothing like sports events to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, perfect for socializing with new people and keeping healthy."

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