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25 October 2022 - 09:55

Retail resists and evolves, even in gaming. These aspects, in all their many forms, will be discussed today, 25 October, at the Forum retail in Milan.

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After the Executive Summit in June, which involved several top managers in an interactive discussion, the Forum  Retail  is back with the Main Conference on 25 October, proposing a new debate between industry experts on new trends in the sector, the role of digitization, but also on how the current situation we are experiencing is influencing the choices of consumers, who are increasingly careful. With a specific focus on gaming and entertainment.

Digitization and sustainability are the keywords for the restart of one of the sectors that is most facing an unstoppable and increasingly challenging change: Retail, a world where investments in technological innovation represent, now more than ever, a necessary driver to maintain its high competitiveness and, consequently, the company profit.
However, the unstoppable changes in the sector are strongly conditioned by the ongoing war: consumers are increasingly careful in their purchases, with shopping carts richer in low-cost products, at the expense of top brands.

These aspects, in all their many forms, will be discussed at the Forum Retail  in Milan, which after the Executive Summit last June, where the new trends in the sector and the strategic assets for business growth emerged, including the omnichannel, comes back to its traditional "live" edition by offering many insights and a specific panel dedicated to the entertainment gaming sector.
Physical store is par excellence the place where customers can live the most immersive and engaging experiences, while the online store now plays the role of strategic means for the drive to store, through targeted and customized actions to reach the individual customer. Dynamic pricing, picking paths, stock and waste management: by choosing the right technological solutions, it is possible to improve the shopping experience in store and, consequently, to build customer loyalty.

The circular economy is one of the most current issues and there are several concrete success stories: companies are aware that putting sustainability at the center of their vision is not only practicable, but necessary. There are also excellent realities that have made it their primary target, also through important awareness-raising activities towards the final consumer, who is put in a position to be able to choose and, thus, reflect on their responsibilities.

In the new stage of the twenty-second edition of Forum Retail, a further opportunity is offered to explore the most current issues of the retail world: between metaverse, omnichannel, agility, smart stores, customization, sustainability and circular economy. A series of tools aimed at innovating the sales experience, that must become increasingly easier, customized, satisfying and engaging.
The appointment will also be an important moment to discuss the impacts on the economy and, in particular, on the sector caused by the ongoing war, on new trends and fears: the costo of procurement, shipping, raw materials and sales have generally slowed down because we are facing a more careful consumer. What are the forecasts of the experts? How to deal with the situation?

During the new appointment, after the Plenary Session focused on “Ceo thinking”, about alternative commerce, metaverse experience and sustainability, thematic tracks on Retail & Payments, Tech & Data, Operation & Ecommerce, Omnichannel Customer Experience & Crm, Store & Digital Innovation, Store & Category Management, Real Estate Development & Facility will follow. The Main Conference also offers the opportunity to participate in three stages on the hottest and most innovative topics in the sector: Green Retail, Inclusion & Diversity, Unicorn. The latter will present 10 stories of startups that in less than 7 years have turned into unicorns, reaching a market valuation of over $1 billion.

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