Casino games: 2022 collection towards €52 billion, payout at 96.4 percent

29 December 2022 - 10:57

Here are the data on the performance of casino games in 2022, the payout and the contribution to the Treasury.

Written by Amr
Foto di Krissia Cruz su Unsplash

Foto di Krissia Cruz su Unsplash

In the year that is ending, fixed-odds games of chance and solitaire "dot it" cards, i.e. the so-called casino games with a regular license to operate in Italy, will record a collection, according to the valuation on operator data, of €52,036,000,000, an increase compared to the 47,522,000,000 of the previous year. Compared to the pre-pandemic era, therefore to 2019, growth is estimated at 123.18 percent (three years ago, the period ended with a collection of €23,316,000,000).

Obviously, the actual expenditure of the players is much lower, considering that the payout is 96.4 percent (growing compared to 96.3 percent in 2021 but dropping compared to 96.5 percent in the even previous year). We are in fact talking about €1,896,000,000, 128.16 percent more than in 2019.

Always according to the processing, €524,000,000 will go to the Treasury this year, showing good growth compared to 444,000,000 of a year ago and 153.2 percent more than the 207,000,000 in 2019.

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