Casino games, expense growing in April and Lottomatica rules

08 May 2023 - 18:05

Here is the trend of casino games in April and the market shares of the main operators.

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Foto di Jonathan Petersson su Unsplash

Foto di Jonathan Petersson su Unsplash

April still growing for "dot it" casino games, therefore with a license to operate in Italy.
According to processing based on operator data, expense on fixed-odds games of chance and solitaire card games amounted to €191,487,381, a figure that is obtained by subtracting €4,933,886,136 from the collection, that is what was returned to the players in the form of winnings, €4,742,398,756. Compared to April of last year, the spending growth is 20.8 percent.
Also last month, 63,764,549 bets were recorded.

MARKET SHARES - Analyzing the market shares of the 87 operators active in Italy, the top position of Gbo Italy Srl emerges (the result of the merger between Lottomatica and Goldbet), with two different licenses which together give a share of 13.75 percent (7.26 and 6.49 percent), as regards expense, a slight decrease compared to 13.81 percent in March. Sisal Entertainment Spa is in second place, with 8.89 percent (it was 9.44 percent in March), closely followed by Snaitech Spa with 8.49 percent (up from 8.05 percent of March). Reel Italy Srl, which owns the Pokerstars brand, is fourth with 6.91 percent (7.10 percent in March), 888 Italia Limited fifth with 6.41 percent (6.54 percent in March) and Sks365 Malta Limited sixth with 6.46 percent (6.34 percent in March).
We also have to report the good performance of Oia Services Srl, with 0.78 percent (growing compared to 0.35 percent in March), while as regards land-based casinos, Sanremo is at 0.11 percent (0.14 percent March) and Venice at 0.04 percent (0.05 percent in March).

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