Gaming Realms, Lagravinese: 'Innovation and adaptability to the Italian online gaming service'

27 February 2024 - 13:16

Mariachiara Lagravinese, regional account manager of Gaming Realms, takes stock of the online games provider, with special reference to Italy.

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Three years of presence in Italy, with many successes achieved and just as many plans for the future. This, in very few words, is the calling card of the online gaming provider Gaming Realms, which entered Italy in 2021.
What has your experience been in the market so far?
Mariachiara Lagravinese, regional account manager of Gaming Realms, tells to

"Since our debut, our experience of the Italian market has been overwhelmingly favourable. The innovative nature of our Slingo games has been well-received by Italian players since launch because of their adaptability, simultaneously appealing to slots and bingo enthusiasts, both of which are popular in the Italian market. 
We are now live with the top ten operators in the market, in addition to numerous other partners throughout the region. Our diverse portfolio of games, which includes over 20 different titles live across the jurisdiction, has yielded remarkably positive results from each operator.
However, there is also the ongoing challenge of understanding the Italian market's regulations and procedures. Getting our titles live there while adhering to our regulatory obligations and managing the market with a tailored localisation approach is our focus as we continue to expand in the country."

What do you think are the main reasons for your success in Italy? 

"A significant factor in our success stems from Italy's deep-rooted love for bingo and tombola. However, the game mechanics of our titles also hold immense appeal for casual players. This often-underestimated demographic typically prefers spending more time on their devices and engaging with the features present within a slot game. Slingo aligns perfectly with this preference, as its decision-based gameplay and strategic elements foster longer playtimes and encourage users to have a more immersive gameplay experience.
Furthermore, our products are traditionally enjoyed on mobile devices, with over 80% of users opting for this platform. This provides bingo enthusiasts with a convenient and efficient way to enjoy similar gameplay experiences on the go. Italy's widespread adoption of mobile devices aligns with our products, further fuelling our success."

How has the market differed from others where Gaming Realms is active? What have been the top learnings?

"Our success in the Italian market has ignited a fervent passion for our content among local players, driving the demand for consistent releases. This level of enthusiasm is not seen in other jurisdictions where we've achieved equal success. Italian players' deep-rooted love for our games stands out as a significant differentiator for Gaming Realms.
Navigating regulatory practices in Italy also presents unique challenges compared to other markets. Collaboration between suppliers, test houses, and operators is paramount, and having local expertise managed by seasoned professionals is essential for a game's ultimate success.
Additionally in Italy, certain types of mechanics, brands, and more nuanced localisation practices are crucial for this market, as players tend to disfavour a more globalised approach. We recognise this need and relish creating games with brands that resonate well in the market. Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds, Book of Slingo, and Slingo Centurion serve as prime examples of our success in this regard, being some of our top performers in Italy."

What can we expect from Gaming Realms in Italy in the near future? 

"We plan to maintain our localisation strategy and create games in collaboration with prominent market-leading brands within Italy. This will provide players with the opportunity to experience new Slingo variants while introducing our portfolio to new audiences.

Additionally, we will expand our reach to other Italian operators, broadening the availability of our titles. Gaming Realms will also leverage platform tools to drive global growth in 2024. Moreover, we will introduce Freeround solutions to Italy, enabling operators to effectively market our games while minimising players' risk who may be enjoying our innovative Slingo games for the first time."

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