Altenar, advancements in technology: the liability dashboard tool

09 January 2023 - 15:57

An important milestone in Altenar’s data engineering journey to allow greater and faster insight into ‘market risks’ and ‘betting exposure’.

Written by Redazione

To better serve customers, Altenar, a leading sportsbook software provider, is actively developing the Altenar Intelligence Platform (Aip) with the addition of the Liability Dashboard Tool (Ldt) to allow greater and faster insight into ‘market risks’ and ‘betting exposure’.

Speaking with the Senior Data Analyst for the sportsbook software provider, Darren Willenberg, ample light was shed on how this tool benefits operators. 

Darren detailed the AIP aims: “The Aip will consist of several novel data analytics applications aimed at augmenting the Altenar sportsbook user experience for both operators and players alike. A key feature of the Aip is its use of state-of-the-art Big Data technologies such as data streaming, distributed computing and machine learning.” 

Noting,“the platform will deliver near real-time insights on business-critical topics such as abnormality detection, behaviour analysis and player recommendations.”

Altenar’s Senior Data Analyst, explained the premise of the Ldt function, “The first project being actively developed on the ambitious Aip roadmap is the Liability Dashboard Tool (Ldt). The Ldt will provide customers with real-time updates on liability that can be filtered and ordered to provide rapid insights into ‘market risks’ and ‘betting exposure’. The tool provides details on bets, stakes, and liabilities at various degrees of granularity.” 

Another spokesperson from Altenar noted, “Market liability is a complex combination of millions of player selections, stakes and market odds. While market liability at the bet level is fairly straightforward to calculate, once the volume, variety and velocity of transactions reach a specific limit it becomes necessary to adopt 'Big Data' technology approaches to sustain the real-time aspect.”  

Altenar’s Solution Architect, Antonio Cacciotti had the following to say, “building a realtime Liability dashboard has brought new challenges in Altenar; starting from this requirement we asked ourselves (Technology Operation department) which  It infrastructure architecture could sustain and maintain the realtime feature even when we have rapid changes of volume?” 

Antonio continued, “we found the answer in the technologies employed in the big data ecosystem. As a solution architect it was exciting to create POC combining different technologies to find the best solution to satisfy the requirement, although this journey was not just about technologies but was about understanding the data velocity, frequency, volume size in disk and memory and more.”

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