Game Greece kicks off this week from October 19th to 20th in Athens

16 October 2023 - 12:11

The third annual edition of Gaming & affiliate marketing event (Game Greece) will be held in Athens at the Electra Palace from 19th to 20th October.

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Named Business woman of the year by Acquisition international, Viktoria Soltesz takes the spotlight as our chairperson for the upcoming. In her role as the founder and Ceo of Psp Angels group, a leading payment consulting firm, Viktoria's expertise establishes the foundation for an extraordinary summit. As a powerful voice in the industry, Viktoria invites you to discover why Game Greece 2023 is an unmissable event. 

When asked about what sets Game Greece 2023 apart from other gaming events, Soltesz highlighted several key aspects that make this event truly distinctive. She emphasised that eventus international prioritises meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring a top-notch experience. Soltesz also noted that the event consistently features high-quality professional speakers and offers exceptional content, setting a standard of excellence. Furthermore, Soltesz expressed great honour in being invited to chair this year's event. She commended the outstanding venue and highlighted the organisers’ unwavering dedication and hard work. 

In response to which panel she was most looking forward to, Soltesz expressed her excitement about moderating the "Payment challenges for operators and affiliates" panel. She eagerly anticipates engaging in discussions with colleagues, emphasising the need to address current and future issues and trends in the payment industry. Viktoria's response revealed her eagerness to stay informed on what’s new in the ever-changing payments industry, as well as her enthusiasm for exchanging industry gossips with her peers, underscoring her passion for this field.

The benefits for attendees at Game Greece, as outlined by Soltesz, encompass high-quality content and invaluable face-to-face interactions with industry professionals. Such encounters, often facilitated by casual conversations over a cup of coffee, have the potential to reveal valuable, often "hidden" information that may not be readily accessible through other means. Furthermore, Soltesz continues to mention that this direct interaction with industry professionals from across the globe is seen as a means to acquire honest and up-to-date advice. Such insights are expected to be particularly beneficial for making informed decisions in the realm of payments for one's company.

Furthermore, in her reflections on memorable moments and success stories from past Game events, Soltesz shared instances that truly epitomise the essence of our summits and how she made lasting professional connections and the blossoming of new friendships. Significantly, Soltesz also highlighted that her involvement in the conference served as the catalyst for launching her educational project, demonstrating the event's ability to ignite innovation and propel impactful initiatives. She stressed the exclusive opportunities for networking and the potential to create something exceptional that might not have been envisioned outside of such events, aligning with the principle that "your network is your net worth."

Lastly, when asked for advice regarding last-minute registration, Viktoria advised that earlier registration offers benefits such as early bird discounts, making it the preferred choice. Nevertheless, she underlined the paramount importance of ensuring one's attendance at Game Greece 2023, emphasising that it's never too late to register, prioritising participation above all else.

At Game Greece 2023 there will be panel discussions that are not only insightful but also absolutely crucial for your business. These sessions will unveil coveted industry secrets, providing you with invaluable insights into tackling regulation challenges, leveraging AI-powered marketing, and optimising customer engagement and retention. 

Hear from expert speakers:

●    Valentina Diaco, iGaming Marketing Advisor
●    Carlota Rincón Muñoz, Head of Content, Vime Digital
●    Krister Malm, Founder & Group CEO, Oddsium
●    Vasilii Gamov, CMO, RichAds
●    Yaroslava Romaniv, Head of Marketing Communications, GR8 Tech


"How Can Regulators, Suppliers and Operators Work Together to Safeguard the Market from Unlicensed Operators?" 

Hear from expert speakers: 

●    Teemu Lehtinen, Country Manager, Oddsium Hellas
●    Anastasio Vasios, Director of New Regulated Markets Compliance,  SkillOnNet
●    Lars Kollind, Head of Business Development, Swintt
●    Ohad Straschnov, Senior Compliance Director, Soft2Bet 
●    Xenia Neophytou, Managing Director, CX Financia

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