The sixth edition of Sea Expo is expected to be a catalyst for change in the kingdom’s

21 March 2024 - 10:42

Sea Expo aims to support the work of entertainment and leisure professionals. Cultivating the next generation of entertainment talent will be critical to the future of the industry.

Written by Redazione

With the Saudi entertainment sector in the midst of a momentous transformation, industry experts remain fervent that training and development, and cultivating a new dynamic workforce are prerequisites for the continuous success and longevity of the entertainment industry in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

With recent figures estimating that more than 60% of Saudis are under 35, this year’s Saudi entertainment & amusement (Sea) Expo – set to take place from 7th – 9th May at the Riyadh front exhibition & conference centre – will look to highlight and home in on how the industry over the next few years can empower the Saudi workforce through technical knowledge and training, and explore strategies to retain and nurture talent.

This year’s 6th edition of the Sea Expo is expected to be a catalyst for change in the kingdom’s entertainment sector as it looks to champion the work of professionals in entertainment and leisure, create a unique global experience for like-minded individuals to connect, and effectively address industry challenges all while setting the course for actionable solutions.

The three-day Sea summit, which will run parallel to the exhibition, serves as a platform to accelerate efforts in the entertainment and leisure industry by spotlighting new opportunities and offering unique industry insights from the region’s most prolific experts.

Over the last few years, the kingdom has emphasized the pressing need to upskill Saudi youth in all vocations with advanced skills through education and training in order to cultivate a new and vibrant workforce. This year’s Sea summit will put the focus firmly on the next generation through their think tank sessions, which will explore the vast educational opportunities within the entertainment sector, highlight the importance of partnerships with schools, and reveal how integrated educational programmes are essential for the future of the industry. 

Industry behemoths are already realising the immense potential of investing in the local talent pool. Last year, Red sea global announced that they would be creating 120, 000 jobs directly and indirectly for young Saudis, while the company’s Rsg elite graduate program saw a 92% retention rate, signalling the rise of a new workforce in the entertainment and leisure industry. While in 2020, Qiddiya Investment company launched a national scholarship offering high school graduates the opportunity to pursue higher education in hospitality and entertainment management in the kingdom.

The kingdom understands that the path towards youth empowerment is through education, training and nurturing talent,” said Sarkis Kahwajian, Sea Expo director. “We fully support this and understand the importance of cultivating leaders of tomorrow through education, technical knowledge and fostering environments where creativity can thrive, and at this year’s Sea Expo our aim is to do just that.”

Don Potts, president of parks & attractions at Qiddiya investment company agreed, saying that this year’s Sea Expo will be a learning and development opportunity for Saudis to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and to have the potential to explore a career in the sector.

Co-located with the Saudi light and sound (Sls) Expo, this year’s Sea Expo aims to highlight the kingdom’s entertainment and leisure plans and create opportunities in the industry to drive the country toward achieving its goals under Vision 2030. With hundreds of international and local brands from 40+ countries, Sea Expo will act as a platform that showcases new and innovative products from its 350 exhibitors.


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