Sports betting, expenditure declines in december without Serie A

09 January 2023 - 17:50

Here are the data on the trend of sports betting, in agencies and online, in december and the main market shares.

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© Akshay Gupta / Pixahive

© Akshay Gupta / Pixahive

"Dot it" sports betting declines in december, both in the agency and online, mainly caused by the lack of the Serie A football championship, which had to give way to the world championships in Qatar, however without Italy.

SPORTS BETTING IN THE AGENCY - According to the processing by on operator data, sports betting in the agency in fact recorded an expense of €134,154,669, a figure that is obtained by subtracting the net movement, €1,419,076,394, what was returned in winnings, i.e. €1,284,921,725.
Compared to last year, the drop was around 40.3 percent, since the expenditure at the time was just over €79.8 million. The overall bets were 78,048,162.

ONLINE SPORTS BETTING - As regards online sports betting, expenditure was of €86,522,249, while the so-called net movement was €1,016,126,282 and winnings €929,604,033. Online bets were a total of 53,758,373.
As mentioned, also in this case there was a drop compared to a year ago (a particularly suitable comparison compared to month-to-month, as sports betting are strongly influenced by the available schedule): however, the drop is more contained, 31 percent, compared to about €125 million a year ago.

MARKET SHARES - Let's analyze the data in detail, focusing on the market shares relating to the expenditure on fixed-odds sports betting, of physical gaming more than remote gaming.
Among the 169 active concessionaires (many of which have multiple licenses), Gbo Italy (born from the merger of Lottomatica Scommesse and Goldbet) holds 22.17 percent; Snaitech 16.28 percent, Sisal Entertainment Spa 15.24 percent. Off the podium, we find Eurobet with 11.18 percent, while Sks365 Limited Malta is at 9.29 percent.
Admiral Sport has a 0.48 percent share, Hbg online gaming Srl 0.33 percent, while the market share of Oia Services Limited is higher and is close to 1 percent, 0.93 percent to be exact.
Finally, Microgame has a slightly higher share of 0.34 percent, while Streetweb has 0.14 percent of the market.

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