Welcome and involvement, watchwords of the gaming locations

17 June 2023 - 10:07

Architect Diego Zanaica, Ceo of Tecnostudio, reveals the secrets for designing spaces, including gaming ones, capable of bringing people together and making them feel good

Written by Carlo Cammarella
© Scott Webb / Unsplash

© Scott Webb / Unsplash

Even in large Fec surfaces and indoor parks, design is acquiring an increasingly important role. However, creating a usable environment with a direct and essential language, is not something that can be taken for granted. In addition to studying the target, essential for understanding who we are addressing, it is necessary to involve the public by creating something that makes them feel special. For this purpose, coherence becomes a fundamental aspect for transmitting well-being to anyone who uses the space in question. The architect Diego Zanaica, Ceo of Tecnostudio, architecture and design, speaks to Gioco News about these aspects.

Design in gaming world is becoming increasingly important. Speaking of large surfaces such as Fecs or indoor parks, are there any general guidelines for creating an attractive environment?
“The general line, as always, is to create a welcoming environment, easy to live in and able to speak a direct and understandable language with everyone. The set of architectural proposals must be structured in a project of hospitality and engagement, which makes all customers feel special, as if that gaming hall or that Fec were tailor-made for them. Spaces must be designed to bring people together and make them feel good together, if you feel comfortable in a place you will find it attractive.”

You have repeatedly stressed the importance of creating a path for those who will have to use the space. What are the steps to create a real experience in this area?
“More than a step, I would talk about a macro concept of 'communication' of the point of sale. I am thinking not only, of course, about service directories, but also of paths made of light, of colours, of spaces, to use the gaming offer, but also of services usful for the main activity, first of all Food or the relaxation areas.”

How important is the study of the target, i.e. all those people who will use this space, for the design of an Fec? And above all, how is it done?
“Let's say that the analysis of the target is the task of the operator, who will have to calibrate the technical layout of the structure on the gaming offer and therefore on the target he intends to involve. There are consultancy companies that have developed surveys in this sense, one for all TradeLab, with which we have been cooperating for some time through our business unit dedicated to gaming, which carry out an analysis of the territory, the targets and the offer already present, assisting entrepreneurs in defining the business. Rather, design itself has the function of creating a beautiful and well-balanced space. Reasoning in terms of 'design' leads to improving the aesthetics of places, therefore also with the function of emotionally rewarding those who live there, as well as making them usable."

Today, more than ever, amusement has become a fundamental aspect in thinking about retail spaces and public engagement. How important is this aspect?
“We are living in a historic moment in which we are all looking for 'experience' in every activity we do. If we talk about physical retail, both traditional and linked to the gaming world, this experience can be translated with the need to combine, and if I may use the term, spice up the main activity (for example shopping) with entertainment. The entertainment that comes from the amusement proposals is such an important complement that it often becomes the attractive and certainly emotional element.”

The perception, therefore, is that you must always stay one step ahead of the market. What do you think the new design trends will be?
“I believe that the development of the concepts we have just seen is the path we will take in the future, especially if we think of retail (format) and retail real estate (commercial spaces and polarities). Tecnostudio will work to create and offer the public of these meeting places an environment that is coherent with expectations and capable of transmitting well-being.”




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