Wsf Odds: here is the vertical betting business of Wall Street Football and TradingLab

24 October 2022 - 09:52

Wall Street Football and TradingLab have signed an agreement that will establish a partnership between the two companies, giving rise to a new joint venture: Wsf Odds.

Written by Redazione

TradingLab is a firm that operates in the sports betting industry and its core business is based on giving their clients full trading management, trend analysis, odds compilation and dedicated strategies to allow operators to adapt their offer to the local needs and maximize profits without jeopardizing the growth of sales. Furthermore, TradingLab boasts one the largest sport trading departments worldwide, with a team of 60 traders online 24/7.

Wall Street Football is a B2B company that provides bookmakers with pre-match and live odds, with a particular focus on performances of individual football players (player props) and a console which allows betting operators’ traders to manage risk and customize the Wsf offer. Today, any kind of statistics on football and any action of players can “become an odd” and can be betable also in real time thanks to Wsf technologies.

The outcome of this joint venture will be Wsf Odds, Wall Street Football’s business vertical in the betting industry. Wall Street Football’s betting technologies as well as the team of data scientists and software developers will converge into Wsf Odds, a company co-managed by Luca Gugliotta (TradingLab Ceo) and Giovanni Bertoli (Wall Street Football Ceo). The Company will receive financial investments from Odds Shaker Srl., as well as know-how, trading services and support in the integration with international customers. The algorithms and technology of Mercurius BI Srl, a Tech startup recently acquired by Wall Street Football, will also converge in Wsf Odds.

Giovanni Bertoli: “I am extremely satisfied with this deal. The combination between WSF ability of building predictive algorithms and scalable technologies and TradingLab/Oddshaker industrial know-how and competences has created an innovative project which is concretely able to take an important market share in the global sport betting market.”

Luca Gugliotta: “For TradingLab, this deal represents a huge acceleration in terms of time to market for a very important project started 2 years ago, related to development of a trading platform. We are strongly convinced that the industry future will be based on live products and, more specifically, on players’ performances. Nowadays Wall Street Football is the only company capable of bringing to our group an breakthrough technology regarding the live offer on Player Props. With our newborn Wsf Odds we are ready to equip all our customers with the first in-play offering with Player Props during a World cup!”

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