Fils Game, towards 2023 with a focus on Europe and the United States

07 novembre 2022 - 17:51

Stefano Fregoni explains how the company decided to invest more in Sigma Malta, considered one of the main events within the online panorama.

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"Spain, the United States and Asia are our goals for 2023 ”. FilsGame is ready to participate at the event in Malta with a clear view of next year’s goals. As usual, Malta offers an ideal launchpad with Sigma for Fils’s innovative ideas and market strategy announcements. Stefano Fregoni, FilsGame’s CEO and Head of Gaming explains that the company will bring all its new products to Sigma Pitch, especially the new slots in imminent release. “Products that will be open to various
markets, including Italy, Spain and the LATAM countries. From a software point of view we will present innovations of our platform’s products, both in terms of game management and torneo features.

Fregoni also anticipates the team members who will take part in the event: "In Malta I will certainly be there, and then there will be the commercial managers in our European markets. We will also host our distribution partner for the US markets: Stephen A. Crystal, CEO and Founder of SCCG Management. Stephen is an expert of iGaming with an expertise spanning every segment of the industry and we are sure he will contribute to our goals in the international markets".

He recalls the now consolidated bond that unites Fils Game and Sigma: “This is the fourth consecutive year that we are participating. This year we have expanded our presence at Sigma compared to last year with a bigger space to welcome our old and new friends. We would like to invest more in Malta, because this is one of the main events for us, within the online panorama".

Fregoni also describes how the company is facing the current critical challenges: "We are not particularly affected. In terms of efficiency, our company is the best in the world in terms of team set up and hardware. As a software company, the only impact we could have is on the server side but at this stage there are no threats on the horizon. At Fils we are used to keeping a positive attitude and trying to find new opportunities out of everyday challenges ”.

Finally, a look at global collaborations: “We are very active internationally, especially in Europe and the United States. Our focus for next year is to establish ourselves further on current markets, to focus on Europe, and in particular Spain, and then the United States and the Asian markets. These are definitely the three goals for us in 2023, and these goals will be perfectly reflected also on the products we are presenting at Sigma”.

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