Gaming & technology expo arrives in Mexico and Brazil in 2025

20 June 2024 - 09:32

From Sao Paulo, José Aníbal Aguirre launches the scoop: Gaming & technology expo arrives in Mexico and Brazil in 2025.


After a successful visit to Lima, attending meetings in Peru Gaming Show, the marketing and sales team of Gat Expo, traveled to Brazil and after several days of meetings with key figures of communication agencies, legal consultants in online and casino games, has just announced the decision to hold Gat Caribe Cancun and Gat Expo Sao Paulo with a week difference between both events in August 2025.

The impact of the news of the approval of the Gaming Law, which authorizes the legal operation of casinos, bingo and online games, among others, in the Constitution and Justice Commission of the Brazilian Senate yesterday is enormous, since it is only one step away from the debate in the plenary of the Senate, which will pass it to the presidential sanction. This fact has caused celebrations and rejoicing among the thousands of businessmen interested in entering this colossal market, which for so many years has been seeking legalization by the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

José Aníbal Aguirre said: "We are embarking on a new project that has two sides and an extraordinary perspective. The meetings held in São Paulo end today in an unexpected and providential way. The coincidence with the approval of the Gaming Law in the CCJ of the Brazilian Senate has aroused such enthusiasm among the advisors we contacted to support us with an esports event in this country, that they have encouraged us to go further and propose the realization of Gat Expo Sao Paulo, an event that will include all the verticals of the game, both land-based and online, and of course esports, which was our motivating theme to be here.


The topic has been escalated to the presidency of Aieja and the idea of holding both events in consecutive weeks, one in Sao Paulo and the other in Cancun, has been welcomed by Miguel Angel Ochoa, who informs us that just yesterday the board of directors of Aieja decided to move the International Gaming Convention in 2025, which has always been held in March in Cdmx to August in Cancun. In this way, Gat Caribe Cancun will be integrated and included in the final objective, which is to achieve a productive business round trip between the two countries, under the brand "Gat Expo".


Gaming & Technology Expo has been working on an expansion process that, in the last three years, has included Gat events in the Dominican Republic, in addition to Gat Showcase Bogota and the traditional annual fair held in Cartagena for 25 years. The final outreach in 2024 will be Gat Caribe Cancun, November 26-28, with the full support of Mexico's Aieja. In 2025, the final dates for Gat Expo Cartagena will be April 28, 29 and 30.


The big novelty will then be the Gat Expo events in August next year in Cancun and Sao Paulo, in two consecutive weeks, in order to facilitate the access of international travelers to participate in a timely manner in these two business meetings in Mexico and Brazil, opening great opportunities for investors, suppliers and operators.


The Gat Events organization sends from Brazil, a message of special thanks for the attentions received from the team of lawyers headed by Neil Montgomery, Roberta Rashida of Radar Communications and Marketing Group, Ricardo Magri, Ana Maria Arango of Ufi, Carlos Clur of Electrolar, outstanding professionals whose concepts and support have been essential to give free way to Gat Caribe Cancun and Gat Expo Sao Paulo next year.



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